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“I am passionate about helping people transform difficulties into opportunities for growth”


Lisa consults and teaches at the beautiful 196 Victoria Holistic Healing and Creative Centre in Woodstock. She is warm, friendly, approachable and deeply committed to supporting her client’s healing and growth. She holds a BA Psychology Degree, Advanced Counselling Diploma and Coaching Certification, she also has 9 years experience volunteering part time as a Counsellor and Group Facilitator. Lisa has studied various forms of Somatic/body centered Therapy and worked in this field for over 13 years. She integrates her extensive training and experience in order to support people on every level in their growth, healing and personal transformation.

“All my life I’ve been drawn to working with people in a helping/healing capacity. After putting myself through University and College while working in the service industry, I lived overseas, Caring for the elderly and Disabled in the UK and teaching English in South Korea. Since returning to Cape Town and opening a wellness practice in 2005  I’ve worked one on one with hundreds of people on both physical and emotional levels which has given me a great deal of experience and insight. I’ve also volunteered for the last 8 years at an NGO; Counselling on the phone, face to face and facilitating groups on Personal Growth and Counselling Skills courses. Since the start of 2016 I’ve been Consulting in a private capacity from my rooms in Woodstock and offering Staff Support, Coaching and Facilitation at a company in the CBD.

From an early age I developed an interest in Psychology and have always been fascinated by human nature. My studying is ongoing; I constantly read and attend courses in order to further my knowledge, find new ways of assisting clients and develop myself on a personal and professional level.  My approach is to combine various Counselling Theories, Coaching Models, Mindfulness Techniques, Self Exploration Tools and Somatic Approaches; I tailor sessions around the needs of each individual. As a Counsellor I offer my clients emotional healing and support and as a Coach I assist people to reach their goals by working on steps and providing tools that help them move forward in their lives. I also use my experience and background in somatic therapies to deal with issues that may be manifesting on a physical level.

Ultimately, I believe that being genuine and providing a space of warmth, encouragement and unconditional positive regard for clients is far more effective than doggedly adhering to a set of theories, practices and models. I am a huge advocate of Personal growth and Self Development; EVERYTHING STARTS WITH YOU! Attending various forms of therapy on a regular and ongoing basis has helped me to heal, grow in awareness and ultimately actualize my potential. I believe in the value of self exploration and personal development as I’ve seen again and again how peoples lives have been transformed by being listened to, encouraged to talk, explore, express feelings and move forward:

“Essentially, we are born containing all that we can be, and the only real task in life is to realize as much of that potential as possible” ~ James Hillman

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates



  • BA Degree Majoring in Psychology (UCT, UNISA)
  • 3 year Basic and Advanced Counselling Diploma (UNISA)
  • 8 years’ Counselling and facilitating experience at an NGO
  • Registered with the Counsel for Counsellors in South Africa (see link below)
  • Lisa is also an AHPCSA registered Massage Therapist and Yoga instructor
  • Currently completing a two year Post Grad Diploma in Coaching at SACAP



“Lisa’s relaxed and genuine manner made it easy to express myself without restraint. I felt a huge sense of relief after each session, always leaving with renewed clarity and understanding”


“Lisa has a knack for uncovering the root causes of issues with sensitivity and compassion. I would recommend her unreservedly for those who are serious about personal transformation”

“I had an awesome counselling session with Lisa. Her genuine empathy and engagement allowed me to pry into myself so I could find relief and take positive steps to being myself. I definitely recommend her if you’re in need of empathy for whatever you’re going through. Thank you Lisa!”

Lisa Roese counselling room